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November 10, 2007



Bless your heart! What a wonderful time you will have. Good Luck.....I'll try to put my thinking cap on to come up with some activities.

Daisy Bouquet

What a fun time you will have. As I mentinoed on my blog spot we are cutting up old Christmas cards and letting the children make cards out of them for others. maybe you could put out a pile of old cards and some paper in various colors crafting scissorsand glue sticks maybe add some stickers and markers or crayons and see what happens. Mary


Hey Sweetie.....pop on over to my site and pick up a little 'ole award :-)


Oh my goodness Bristol!! God bless your sister-in-law for hosting this event and you and your mom for coming up with the menu.

The old stand by always seems to go well at Thanksgiving with kids; mashed potatoes, turkey, corn. Most don't care for sweet potatoes, or stuffing. Pumpkin pie for adults, and I'd probably make some yellow cupcakes decorated like turkeys for the kids. You use candy corn around the curve to make the turkey feathers, draw on little faces, etc.

I'd have lots and lots of DVD's on hand. Hopefully, everyone can take a nice long walk after dinner to tire out. Maybe board games to keep them busy? Make paper chains for their rooms (advent chains - one for every night until Christmas Eve).

Good luck.




Bristol, I e-mailed you a great link with lots of children's Thanksgiving activities.

Blessings Dear.


the feathered nest

Bless your brother for adopting 10 children! That's really wonderful! Never had to entertain so many kids so I have no tips!



NOW THIS is what family thaksgiving is all about! ahh what a happy happy day it will be for you and your family JUST ENJOY! xo


God bless your family. Your brother and SIL must be wonderful people to adopt so many children. They are blessed for sure.

Well, I know that broccoli, cheese and rice always goes over big with kids (in our family anyway.) Instead of using cream of mushroom soup, I use broccoli cheese soup (makes sense right?) and instead of cheez whiz I make a bechemel sauce and add cheddar to that. You can make a ton of it in a 9x13.



Oh my, that's quite an undertaking. 19 kids, wow. I'm sure you'll have a great time though. And I wouldn't worry about entertaining the kids as I'm sure they will find something to do on their own. With that many kids they are bound to create their own fun. Best wishes on a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage

Sounds like you're in for a fun-filled Thanksgiving! How neat to have so many little cousins together...I come from a small family and I always wished for lots of relatives.


Hi, I'm bj and so glad to meet you.
So, 26 people? That's a bunch, for sure. I have 10 grandchildren, one is married so that makes 11, then my son and his wife, daughter and her hubby, my hubby and I ...we always have at least 17, for every family dinner. Not counting friends, at times. We all chip in on bringing food and the kids all either stay on the computer or stay plugged into their Ipods. Our youngest is 6 and the rest are bigger now. Such fun!
Good luck!


Oh my dear Bristol! That is quite the crew! Kid friendly recipies - I'll have to think about this. I don't have kids but I've certainly cooked for a lot of them!


That sounds like a lovely time with family. I recently bought the book, Apples for Jam, and it's full of lovely vegetable recipes.
I love this John Mayer song that's playing. I've been listening to this CD in my car, for a couple of weeks. It's a good one!

Kimberly Kwan

How fun! One year when we had 11 kids, we had them make "indian head-dresses" out of contruction paper. When they were all done, they put on a show after was great fun! We've also had them carve out the centers of apples (with teaspoons) to put tea-lights into for decorations. Another fun thing is to unleash them with a polaroid camera and photo assignements. Once the photos dry, we had each person write what they were thankful for and shared them at the meal!

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