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July 22, 2008


Maija Lepore

Oh how funny it would have been to be a fly on the wall!


heh heh heh, that must have been a sight Bristol:) one of my girlfriends gets birds in her house all the time...i am with you, i would FREAK!!! i like birds when they are outside where they belong!!!


Oh what a hoot! (Now that you look back on it.)*Ü* It isn't fun to be startled like that. Even a small bird can be frightening. I hope you're right & it did escape.

Thanks for the smile this morning!

My Shabby Roses

Sound to exciting for me! Can you jet me off an email as you won the giveaway on my blog. Thanks so much!


Reminds me of when we had a bat in our house!


OMG- I was gonna tell of my BaT story too! That is crazy funny Bristol! Can't wait to see the changes coming on the new site- so exciting ;)


this was probably very interestiing to the neighborhood to see sweet bristol running around like a crazy woman with her bra and panties on outside. If it was elvis would you take those panties off and throw them at him???
Love love love the iinspiration board.too cute (and inspiring!)
am excited to see the new storefront and make a few purchases from one of my best gfs. Your soooo busy. Think your going to be in the snobby group in high school pretty soon.
take care!!
theres sand in my coffee-
coastal nest


OHmygosh...this is too funny! NOW. I'm sure it was'nt at the time...thanks for letting us have a chuckle at your expense. I've had those "wild life encounters" as well, never pleasant. And they are probably more scared than we are! LOL.



Ohhhh...I've had that happen to me a few times! What was even worse was that one time the bird started to panic and kept dropping little gifts all around the house while trying to find it's way out...bad kitties!

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